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Todwick Parish Council

Todwick Parish Council

The Parish Council is a democratically elected body comprising of 9 unpaid volunteer members serviced by a part time salaried clerk. The next full election will be in May 2020.

Todwick village hall

About the Parish Council

Todwick has its own Parish Council which meets on a monthly basis.

Public meeting

Todwick Parish Council Meetings

Council meetings are normally held on the last Tuesday of every month (no meeting in August), they commence at 7pm in the Village Hall.

Members of the public are welcome to attend council meetings but only councillors may speak.

An open session is held at 8pm when any member of the public may then speak and raise any matters of interest or concern.

Any correspondence should be addressed to the Clerk:

Mr Rod Walker
Orchard Gardens
South Anston
Sheffield  S25 5FL 

See meeting minutes

See council accounts

Todwick Parish Councillors

Rebecca Carter
Cow House, Burne Farm, Todwick, S26 1DJ
Tel: 07960 794991

David Gregory (Chairman)
49 The Meadows, Todwick, S26 1JG
Tel: 01909 771307

John Jeffrey
16 Manor Way, Todwick, S26 1HR
Tel: 01909 770888

Chris Lightfoot
2 Manor Close, Todwick, S26 1HP
Tel: 0779 707 646

Ian Newbold

Tel: 07880 511 137

Position available. Get in touch to find out more!

Rod Walker (Clerk to the Council)
Highview, Orchard Gardens, South Anston, S25 5FL 
Tel: 01909 566639

Norman Wright
Commonside Cottage, 5, Sheffield Road, Todwick, Sheffield, S261DJ
Tel: 07891 131 372

Paul O’Sullivan
1 Todwick Villas, The Pastures, Todwick, Sheffield. S26 1JX
Tel: 07971 050405

James Dixon
9 Mill Close, Todwick. S26 1HS
Tel: 07801 271579

Council Finances

Your Parish Council receives a sum of money each year from the Borough Council, this is known as the precept and is paid by all council tax payers. Other revenues are gained from allotment rents.

The Parish Council sets its budget each year and is responsible for recreation and playpark ground and equipment maintenance, flower beds, hanging baskets.

We are not responsible for the upkeep of the roads and pavements in the village, the Borough Council is responsible for these issues and comments should be addressed to Streetpride. We can pass on concerns but have no powers to effect maintenance or repairs.


Register of Assets at 31st March 2010

Receipts and Payments Account 2009/10

Statement of Accounts - Significant Differences between 2009/10 and 2008/9


Register of Assets at 31st March 2009

Receipts and Payments Account 2008/9

Statement of Accounts - Significant Differences between 2008/9 and 2007/8

Todwick Parish Plan

The Todwick Parish Plan 2011 was published in December 2011.


Back in 2004, Todwick Parish Council (TPC) drew up a Parish Plan. Part of it generated useful statistics, such as how many residents/households we have in Todwick, what the age groups were, etc. There was also a lot of information about what the residents at that time wanted - what they liked or disliked, what services or activities they wanted or needed, and so on.

The TPC used that document to shape its decision making and, as a result, there have been some significant developments over the last few years. For example;

2007 saw a major refurbishment and extension of our Village Hall costing a third of a million pounds and just before that the building of a Church Hall in the church grounds.

Both of these buildings now offer a very wide range of activities designed for all ages and which also successfully attract people from well outside Todwick.

2009 brought a £40,000 re-design of the kiddies play area on our recreation ground, which was very well received, together with an overhaul of our current sports pavilion to help "bridge the gap" until more modern facilities are available.

What next?

Feedback from the 2011 Todwick Parish Plan Questionnaire sent out to every Todwick household earlier this year has enabled a new Parish Plan to be published. The first Parish Plan Newsletter gives details of actions that are being taken. There will be further Newsletters as developments take place.

Todwick Parish Plan Newsletters

Newsletter No. 3 (1 September 2012)

Newsletter No. 2 (22 February 2012)

Newsletter No. 1 (14 October 2011)

Todwick recreation playground