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Published: Saturday, 22nd September 2018

Over the last couple of months there have been several complaints about parking.

A meeting has taken place with South Yorkshire Police, photographs have been passed to the Police, they have also been alerted to the comments on social media.

They have advised that they will increase their attendance in Todwick, particularly acting where offences have been committed. Their attention will be focused on vehicles causing obstruction and speeding.

For example, parking too close to a junction. It would therefore be advisable to take note of the broken line in the middle of the road at junctions. These lines are there to ensure that vehicles are not parked too close to a junction. Sadly, ignorance of the law, is no defence. A vehicle parked too close to a junction restricts the view of drivers. This will bring about a fine.

The Police will also be addressing pavement parking. Before leaving your vehicle check that there is sufficient space for pedestrians to pass. A pedestrian with a push chair or a wheel chair will need more space. A simple guide is to stand by your vehicle and open your arms out wide.

Finally speeding issues have been raised and discussed with the South Yorkshire Police and ongoing measures are being taken to hopefully deal with this problem.

Really folks it is only a little consideration that is needed to avoid causing distress to others.